Make Minting Easy!

Kickstart your NFT project with LiveMint.

All you need is the price you want to sell your NFTs at, and the images and metadata you want to include.

Get Started

Metadata should be provided in '.csv' format with the required columns as shown below with * (Do not include the * in your column headers). Please note that the column 'Images' must have items corresponding exactly to the name of the uploaded images. You can include any other columns you like, however be aware of the metadata size limit on the Cardano blockchain. Please also make sure to include the column headers in your csv file!

There are some reserved column names that do specific things. These are as follows;

'name' - Required - The name of your NFT
'image' - Required - The name of the uploaded image file corresponding to each NFT.
'!quantity' - Optional - Used when you would like duplicates of a specific NFT. This will add a # to your NFT name.
'!lzeros' - Required when using '!quantity' - The padding applied to the number in the names of duplicate NFTs, eg an lzero of 4 would give names like ExampleNFT #0001,ExampleNFT #1234.

To help you get started, we provide an example metadata csv file. This example file creates 3 NFTs, LiveMintNFT Example #0001, LiveMintNFT Example #0002, and LiveMintNFT Example #0003

Download example metadata
Example NFT #1 Image1.jpg Trait 1,Trait 2,Trait 3 ...
Example NFT #2 Image2.jpg Trait 1,Trait 2,Trait 3 ...
Example NFT #3 Image3.jpg Trait 1,Trait 2,Trait 3 ...
Example NFT #4 Image4.jpg Trait 1,Trait 2,Trait 3 ...